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EatonEU - Customer Magazine Solutions - 29

Solutions No. 29/2014


  • Getting to Grips with Energy and Efficiency:
    Interview with CTO Ramanath Ramakrishnan
  • Tunneling Machines:
    Tunneling towards Industry 4.0
  • Precision Work:
    Train lifting systems
  • At High Pressure:
    KMT Waterjet cuts with water

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EatonEU - Customer Magazine Solutions - 28

Solutions No. 28/2013


  • Baking Machinery:
    The smart way to bake
  • Brazil:
    Lean Solution for packaging machine
  • Volkswagen Poland:
    Engine test rig

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EatonEU - Customer Magazine Solutions - 27

Solutions No. 27/2013


  • Eaton Cooper
    A Powerful Connection
  • Clearly Standing Out
    The new SL signal towers
  • Lithuanian Railway
    Power management from Eaton

[Brochure, 32 pages, pdf, 5mb]

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EatonEU - Customer Magazine Solutions - 26

Solutions No. 26/2012


  • Lean Solution
    The new way to eliminate waste
  • Moving Mountains
    Automating suction and pressure blower vehicles with Eaton technology
  • Bundle of energy
    Sophisticated energy distribution in limited space

[Brochure, 32 pages, pdf, 5mb]

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EatonEU - Customer Magazine Solutions - 25

Solutions No. 25/2012


  • The Power of One
    Eaton hydraulic and electrical engineering for sophisticated testing machines
  • "The Donerbot"
    Eaton automation in the Doner kebab slicing robot
  • Everything Transparent
    SmartWire-DT provides a neat control solution for poultry processing

[Brochure, 32 pages, pdf, 4mb]

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EatonEU - Customer Magazine Solutions - 24

Solutions No. 24/2011


  • Phoenix Contact is SmartWire-DT™ cooperation partner
  • Winter Proof:
    Drive monitoring with SmartWire-DT™ and PKE
  • Always Fresh Air:
    Innovative exhaust air system in the chemistry department
  • China Automobile
    SmartWire-DT™ controls transport system in body shell production

[Brochure, 32 pages, pdf, 3mb]

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EatonEU - Customer Magazine Solutions - 23

Solutions No. 23/2011


  • From Lean Connectivity to Lean Automation
  • Cemented:
    SmartWire-DT™ controls conveyor belts for cement clinker
  • Do Brasil: “Bom apetite”:
    Food production in Brazil
  • Bello il sole:
    DC switchgear for photovoltaic applications

[Brochure, 32 pages, pdf, 3mb]

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